June Park G LASH AND BROW.jpg

June Park, Founder of g.bar

G Lash and Brow founder in Manhattan

G Lash and Brow founder in CA

The Style Beauty Spa founder in Korea

Instutions she has taught at

G Lash and Brow Academy

Red Beauty Academy

Annie Beauty Academy

H.S University

K.B University

S.H University

The Style Beauty Academy

Eyelash extension judges

Permanent make-up judges

Nail Art judges


CA, Total License

NY, Total License

NY, Tattoo License

VA, Esthetic License
Massage school of Queensland Australia Beauty Certificate
Along Beauty Academy Aromatherapy DIY Completion
Along Beauty Academy Obesity Manager Completed
Along Beauty Academy Shiatsu therapy completed
Swedish massage and Anatomy & Physiology
Nail Art Class 2, Class 1,

Nail Art Instructor Certification
Make-up grade 2 certification
Semi-permanent makeup Instructor 
Eyelash Extension  Instructor
Skin Care Instructor